Training Classes
We do have PRIVATE TRAINING SESSIONS Available starting in May 2018

We PROUDLY support Borealis Pet Centre - Canine University Classes

Agility and Dog sport classes.  Please go to the "Agility/Sports" page for details
Private Training Sessions
K9 - Shift work classes (all ages)
Private sessions are available through 4 Paws Dog Training.  We come to your home and assess the situation and discuss your needs.  4 hours of instruction is provided initially and then additional time/sessions can be added as required.  The training can be accomodated in a variety of ways to meet your needs.  You will have 60 days to complete the first 4 hours of instruction.
Cost: $340.00 for the first 4 hours; $85.00/hour (gst included); additional cost for travel outside Fort McMurray.
4 Paws Training offer a unique opportunity for people on a shift work schedule.  Get a group of people together (min 3) and give us your availability.  We will work with you to design a class schedule.
COST per dog for 4 classes: $117.60 (gst included)
Reactive Rover
Pet Steps Dog Training hosts "Reactive Rover Classes" with support from 4 Paws Training
Dog reactivity, sometimes incorrectly referred to as aggression, is a complicated problem. Owners need to have an better understanding of canine body language and basic concepts of Learning Theory in order to effectively address the issues. Modifying reactivity does not have a quick fix solution so giving the owner the knowledge and tools is critical in order for any behavior modification program to be effective. 
Visit for more information and to register.
If you are interested in the classes below please send an email.
Dates will depend on interest in the sessions
K9 University "The brain game" (age 4 months +)
Tricks and Treats (age 4 months +)
Interactive brain games are a fun way to socialize with your dog, while encouraging healthy intellectual exercise at the same time.  Memory and learning ability tend to decline with age, in both people and dogs. The good news is that brain games help reduce some age-related brain changes. While it isn’t clear yet which specific cognitive exercises work best, the general consensus is that “use it or lose it” holds as true for human and canine minds as it does for our bodies.  This class is designed to help you keep those canine cognitive wheels well greased.   We will show you how to make simple games with things found in your home that will stimulate your dogs brain.  3 classes per session. Fido gives two paws up and a big wag of approval!
COST: $78.75 (gst included)
Teaching your dog tricks promotes a positive relationship, teaches respect and it is just plain fun.  This 3 week class will teach you tricks that every dog should know and a few that will wow your friends.  Dogs should know basic obedience (sit, down).
COST: $78.75 (gst included)
K9 Confidence (age 4 months +)
This Class is designed for dogs that are lacking in confidence.  We will focus on skills to build confidence in your pooch, using fun games and positive rewards.  The course is custom made for each dog in the class. 5 Classes per session.
COST: $126.00 (gst included)